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FTS has an active health and safety program to ensure the well-being of all employees and to comply with applicable federal, state and local regulations.

FTS strives to provide an injury-free work environment through written policies and procedures, employee accident prevention, and investigation procedures, and recordkeeping. FTS employs a Certified Industrial Hygienist and Certified Safety Professional to manage the health and safety program.

Health & Safety
Health and Safety Statistics
Year 2016 2015 2014
Total Recordable Incident Rate 0.00 1.70 2.28
EMR (1) 0.882 0.862 0.851
Average Number of Full-Time Employees 68 64 42
Total Hours Worked 129,338 117,493 87,848
No. of Citations by OSHA or EPA-None
(1) Workers Compensation Experience Modification Rate


The written FTS health and safety manual includes a signed health and safety policy, substance abuse policy, and disciplinary action policy. Procedures detailed in the health and safety manual include the required elements for a hazardous waste operations health and safety program required by OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120, as well as written OSHA programs and standard operating procedures for various job situations.

Employees receive new employee training and orientation, 40-hour training for hazardous waste operations, 8-hour annual refresher training, 8-hour supervisor training for supervisors, applicable OSHA, EPA, and DOT training, FRA On-Track Roadway Safety Training, and site-specific hazard training.

HASPs are prepared and implemented for each project. These plans at a minimum include a safety and health risk assessment for site tasks, training requirements for workers, medical surveillance requirements, personal protective equipment to be used, air monitoring requirements, site control measures, decontamination procedures, emergency procedures and contact information, and other information necessary to ensure a safe worksite and public health.

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