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Inspection Services
FTS provides experienced Oil & Gas inspectors to assure reliability and safety. Inspection data and photos are documented real time using customized apps on mobile devices. Relevant inspection services include:
  • Inspections of active and non-active temporary and permanent water systems including fittings/valves along pipelines transferring non-fresh water, intakes, storage, and transfer facilities to ensure that no potentially hazardous environments exist. Inspections include a check for any potential spills, liner holes, overflow, leakage, vandalism, and compliance items (i.e., proper signage and site permit copies are maintained);
  • Inspections at ASTs and Impoundments to include completion of the Spill Prevention and Response Plan (SPRP) Checklist;
  • Inspections at well pads to assure compliance with E&S plans. Inspections include stabilization, BMP Installation and condition, access road condition, restoration, signage, site documentation and any identified concerns;
  • Inspection of impoundment leak detection systems for generator fuel, run time and identification of any deficiencies in the control or power supply systems and to assure the systems are operating properly. Related equipment maintenance including refueling generators, battery charging/replacement and pump maintenance;
  • Inspection of pump manifolds and ancillary equipment to evaluate the impact of brine water and remove and replace any components showing degradation; and
  • Vault tagging/GIS Mapping
Produced Water Management Services
FTS uses truck/trailer mounted pumps to transfer produced water from well pad locations to centralized storage facilities via permanent and temporary pipeline systems. Pumping volumes average 6 to 8 BBL/min depending on the topography of the related line. Transfer of produced water to a central location not only reduces related trucking costs, but also the inherent safety risk of third party water haulers on site. FTS pumpers have transferred in excess of 2 million barrels of water in the last 2 years without a lost time accident or recordable spill.
Sampling and Residential Well Investigations
FTS sampling technicians are skilled in implementing a wide variety of monitoring programs and do so effectively by using task specific monitoring instrumentation, observing correct sample collection protocols and maintaining chain of custody leading to accurate defensible data.

Relevant sampling services include:

  • Pre-Drill Baseline Sampling;
  • Residential Well Complaint Investigation;
  • Water/Air Sampling (Produced, Fresh, Monitoring Wells);
  • Soil Sampling; and
  • Stormwater and Discharge Testing
FTS will capture all related field data in a customized application eliminating duplicate entry and providing real time reports. Related data can be uploaded to a SharePoint site or Client location allowing the Client access to the data and progress.

If the Client receives a post-drill resident complaint FTS will re-sample the location and provide a timely report detailing our findings, methodology, and provide associated tables and figures reviewed/certified by a professional geologist.

Field Consultant
FTS can provide an experienced field consultant/project manager to supervise and oversee the execution of water and construction related field activities throughout the asset development process. Included activities are as follows:
  • Manage construction activities and supervise field personnel to ensure work flow objectives are met pertaining to an overland water pipeline project;
  • Direct Client point of contact to provide daily costs, manage contractors, schedule deliveries, assist in the development of project goals and objectives;
  • Preparation of daily progress reports;
  • Manage project costs within budget;
  • Conduct pre and post project meetings, quality control and assurance field audits related to operations, environmental, and safety protocols; utilize and encourage "stop work authority"; and
  • Maintain relationships with landowners and uphold the Client's positive reputation.
Data Management
FTS currently manages 50 separate client EQuIS databases comprised of over 5,000,000 records. Relevant data management services include:
  • On-going data management support activities including loading and tracking of laboratory electronic deliverables (EDDs), coordination with the laboratories and maintenance of the Client databases and valid value lists for the field and laboratory data;
  • Review and assessment of Client databases;
  • EQuIS training; and
  • Ad hoc Client requests/database queries
Safety is paramount to FTS as is evidenced by our ISNetworld A rating.

FTS has an active health and safety program to ensure the well-being of all employees and to comply with applicable federal, state and local regulations.

FTS employees are trained in hazardous waste operations, hazard communication, hearing protection, electrical safety and lock-out/tag-out, and other specific regulatory requirements as well as hazard identification and control, and accident prevention and reporting. Each employee is instructed in the recognition and avoidance of unsafe conditions and the regulations applicable to his work environment have the authorization to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate them. Only qualified employees by training and experience are allowed to operate equipment and machinery. These written policies, routine training, employee accident prevention and investigation procedures, and record keeping, allow FTS the ability to provide an injury-free work environment.

Relevant Safety statistics are reported below:

Health and Safety Statistics
Year 2016 2015 2014
Total Recordable Incident Rate 0.00 1.70 2.28
EMR (1) 0.882 0.862 0.851
Average Number of Full-Time Employees 68 64 42
Total Hours Worked 129,338 117,493 87,848
No. of Citations by OSHA or EPA-None
(1) Workers Compensation Experience Modification Rate

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