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Our programmatic approach streamlines the management of projects and reduces the risk of non-compliance. FTS has a proven track record of reducing our client’s long-term operations, maintenance and monitoring costs.

Below are examples of our Project Profile Success Stories from current clients. Explore these examples to find out how FTS can provide cost effective solutions for you. Click here to contact us today.

Groundwater Sample Collection, Monitoring & Reporting
Active Coal Tar By-Products Manufacturing Facility, WV
Active Wood-Treating Facility, AR
Former Wood-Treating Facility, MD
Former Foundry Coke and Coking by-Products Facility, MN

Groundwater Treatment System Operations
Former Wood-Treating Facility, FL
Former Wood-Treating Facility, TX

Discharge Monitoring
Former Aluminum Manufacturing Facility, NC
Former Foundry Coke and Coking by-Products Facility, AL

RCRA Clean Closure Demonstration
Active Wood-Treating Facility, PA

OM&M Program Management
Former Surface Coal Mine, PA
Former Foundry Coke and Coking by-Products Facility, NJ

(EOS) Pilot Injection and Performance Groundwater
Monitoring Program

Active Metal Products Manufacturing Facility, MD





DNAPL Trailer
Optimization is Essential, as OM&M costs can be the single highest obligation
of the remediation life cycle.
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