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ServicesFTS provides expert compliance support.

FTS offers a staff specialized in Federal and state environmental regulation interpretation and permit preparation and renewal.

Federal, state, and local regulations require certain facilities to establish and implement contingency plans to prevent and control potential leaks or spills of materials harmful to humans or the environment.

FTS can prepare and implement contingency plans for various facilities to meet regulatory requirements and provide peace of mind for clients. FTS assists clients through completion of permit applications and renewals, follow-up reviews, and issuance of final permits. FTS can then assist clients with sampling, inspections, and other requirements as needed to ensure compliance with permit conditions. Types of permits handled by FTS include:

  • Industrial Water Discharge
  • Stormwater Discharge
  • RCRA Part B
  • Air Permits Associated with Remedial Activities
Sampling Systems Operation and Maintenance Data Management and Reporting Waste Management Compliance
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