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ServicesFTS provides a low overhead, no-nonsense approach to System Operations and Maintenance.

FTS operators work in the field full-time and do not carry the higher industry average overhead costs. This savings is automatically passed on to our clients. FTS technicians are supported by an experienced engineering staff and core O&M field staff. With this effective combination, FTS meets and exceeds our client expectations while providing cost savings and efficient O&M.

FTS is sensitive to the long-term costs associated with the operations of systems. On-site operators are hired locally or transferred to sites requiring frequent operation. FTS continually reviews current site O&M Processes and costs and looks for opportunities to further streamline operations and optimize costs. FTS incorporates cutting edge technology into its O&M program to continually lower our clients O&M costs.

FTS operates and maintains over 30 remedial systems in 19 states throughout the United States. An overview of the activities performed is listed below.

Operations Services

  • Active/Passive NAPL Recovery
  • Groundwater Pump and Treat
  • Insitu Groundwater Remediation
  • Air Sparge
  • Soil Vapor Extraction/Abatement
  • Enhanced Bio-Remediation
  • Acid Mine Drainage Treatment

Maintenance Services

  • Remedial System Performance Monitoring
  • Scheduled Routine Preventative Maintenance
  • Routine Equipment Calibration and Tracking
  • Electronic Tracking
  • Routine Remedial System Maintenance
  • Optimization Reviews
Sampling Systems Operation and Maintenance Data Management and Reporting Waste Management Compliance
Systems O&M
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