Corporate Values


FTS was established in 2006 to support multiple pre- and post-remediation CERCLA & RCRA sites nationwide. 

These properties required consistent and legally defensible environmental activities.  


Long-term operational management forms the foundation of FTS's services.  Our experienced staff specialize in site optimization evaluations to help determine site activities that can be eliminated or modified.



FTS provides safe, cost-effective services to transition contaminated properties into useful real estate. 


Our focus is on the hands-on and routine aspects of environmental site closure. 


We provide the support services needed to successfully complete environmental remediation and closure activities, using experts whose vocations are focused around these activities, while maintaining cost-effectiveness.


FTS staff work in teams both internally and externally with Client consultants to balance project needs. 


FTS staff includes licensed system operators, sampling technicians, and data managers supported by a team of scientists, geologists, and engineers.


FTS trains and manages it employees in such a manner that turnover is minimal-offering clients consistent field services.

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