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“We established FTS in 2006 in order to provide a cost-effective alternative for clients with environmentally-regulated legacy sites or operations. Affordable services are delivered providing our clients with safe regulatory site compliance.”

Dale Foster, P.E., President


FTS continually evaluates site operations providing optimized, cost-effective solutions and liability reduction.

Focusing on new and innovative technologies we have developed proprietary software to automate processes and ensure data quality.

Additionally, we continually evaluate the effectiveness of the site remedies to optimize and minimize the  operation and maintenance requirements.


At FTS, our goal is long-term client satisfaction.

Since our inception, FTS has managed environmental regulatory requirements for properties throughout the US.  This commitment has not only led to long-term client agreements, but has resulted in significant cost savings  for our clients.



FTS has a portfolio of 200+ environmental projects at both active operating facilities and legacy properties. 

FTS's projects include impacted groundwater management, NAPL recovery, landfill closure maintenance, data collection and interpretation, groundwater and discharge sampling, and regulatory compliance support.



Field & Technical Services LLC
200 Third Avenue, 
Carnegie, PA 15106
Tel: 412-429-2694

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