Safety is the cornerstone of all our services.  From day one, our employees are oriented into the FTS Safety Culture.  Our philosophy is to ensure that our people not only understand the risks associated with the work they perform, but also the surrounding safety concerns of Client’s facility operations, active construction activities, site setting, and the potential weather impacts. Our safety record supports our commitment to long-term relationships with our clients.


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The “onboarding” training modules include topics such as:

  • Stop work authority

  • Use of and proper maintenance of personal protective equipment

  • Hazard Communication

  • Proper use and care of field testing equipment

  • Job Safety Analysis and tailgate safety meetings

  • Driver safety


FTS continually reviews and evaluates the clients' requirements to ensure our employees are trained in all the relevant and necessary practices to maintain a safe work environment.  The employee centered Safety Committee provides our management monthly feedback on field changes and activities and makes recommendations to enhance our commitment to safety.

Real-Time Reporting

FTS continually evaluates site conditions to assess potential and unforeseen safe work practice situations.  These include "near miss" evaluations, incident reports, and observed field concerns.  FTS has developed a customized app for staff use to allow for real time reporting to the Health & Safety Manager, appropriate FTS management and the Client.


Statement on Covid-19


Field & Technical Services has implemented a Pandemic Response Plan, which includes COVID-19 procedures.  This plan follows the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and State mandates. 

The plan identifies preventative methods to maintain a safe and healthy workplace including:

  • Educating employees on disease prevention,

  • Encouraging good hygiene practices,

  • Cleaning and disinfecting workplace surfaces,

  • Personal protective equipment usage,

  • Communicating expectations to visitors, vendors and contractors,

  • Social distancing recommendations,

  • Symptomatic individual requirements and notifications,

  • Daily health checks,

  • Business operational impacts, and

  • The ability to work from home, if necessary.


The Response Plan will be reviewed periodically and updated when changes occur to the federal and state recommendations.

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