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Our focus is on high-quality, cost-effective maintenance and monitoring solutions. We provide environmental technical services including sampling, systems operations and maintenance, data management and reporting, compliance, and waste management.

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Safely Managed Regulatory Requirements 

Safety is paramount to FTS as is evidenced by our ISNetworld A rating.

Our experienced team members execute and manage programs to meet environmental regulations established for each location. Our programmatic approach emphasizes cost, schedule, and technical excellence, while delivering defensible data, in a safe and timely manner. With our focus on training, safety, and thoroughness, we provide our clients “peace of mind” knowing that site activities will be performed meeting each property's long-term use.


The FTS Guarantee

Our Programmatic Approach is guaranteed to save time, save money and save worry.  Working with FTS guarantees that your site management programs will be completed safely and at an affordable cost, while meeting regulatory technical requirements and reporting deadlines.  This provides you with not only peace of mind, but reduces time and effort with regulatory enforcement.

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Experience is fundamental to safety, cost saving, and efficiency.  We have developed our programs to take advantage of site knowledge, equipment usage and operation, data collection and review, and permitting expertise to provide our clients with advantages vital to maintaining site compliance. 

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