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Annually, FTS treats in excess of 325,000,000 gallons of groundwater and recovers in excess of 70,000 gallons of non aqueous phase liquid (NAPL).

FTS operates and maintains over 30 remedial systems at former and active manufacturing sites across 19 states. These remedial systems include:

    Non aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) recovery;

    Groundwater collection and treatment;

    Air sparge;

    Soil vapor extraction/abatement;

    Acid mine drainage treatment; and

    Enhanced bioremediation.

FTS offers a programmatic approach to O&M which provides consistency across multiple sites reducing costs and ensuring safe, compliant support to our clients and their consultants.

This approach coupled with low overhead and experienced staff reduces the cost of OM&M activities, which account for a significant portion of a remedial project’s life cycle.

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