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CERCLA Groundwater Treatment

Former century old wood treating facility encompassing 84 acres. The site is one of two properties impacting a 140-acre Superfund site adjacent to the regional POTW.

FTS completed a permit modification and optimized the groundwater treatment system which allowed for the treated groundwater to be used for on-site irrigation.

This system optimization resulted in a $135,000 annual reduction of site operating costs ( >$1.0 million savings since implementation).

FTS annual site operations and maintenance activities include:

    Groundwater treatment (48 million gallons)

    Passive NAPL recovery (1,500 gallons)

    Sampling of 1,400 monitoring points (7,000 samples)

    Preparation of associated groundwater monitoring reports

    Maintenance of the engineered stormwater control, associated erosion and sedimentation control appurtenances (40 acres)
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