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Former Chemical Refining Facilities

Former chemical refining, blending/mixing operations on multiple contiguous parcels located on 25 acres adjacent to the Hackensack River.

During the initial months of system operations FTS identified, vetted and hired full-time staff including the required licensed waste water treatment operator (NJ - N3) and optimized remedial system operations practices reducing annual operations and maintenance costs by $100,000.

FTS has been able to continue to maintain or reduce operational costs for the past 6 years.

FTS's annual site operations and maintenance activities include:

    Treatment of 8,000,000 gallons (chromium reduction, metals precipitation, solids removal, and carbon adsorption)

    Hydraulic control

    NAPL recovery (1,100 gallons)

    Routine inspections and performance monitoring of a cathodic protection system which protects a cement-bentonite slurry and steel sheet pile wall running the entire length of the site along the Hackensack River
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