Former Wood Treating Facility

Former wood treating facility encompassing 90 acres that operated for nearly 60 years. The site is located on the Merrimack river.

In support of a reduced O&M scope resulting from installation of engineering controls, FTS transitioned from full time staff to a local subcontractor to accommodate project needs and reduce costs.

In addition to OM&M activities FTS has actively supported site investigation and subsequent remediation activities including:

    Abandonment of nearly 100 monitoring wells

    Construction support services for 4 acre cap/cover system installed during closure of a former lagoon area

    Field support with site investigation efforts including TarGOST® and Cone Penetrometer Test (CPT) for delineation of DNAPL impacted areas

    On-site management of Investigative and Remedial Action Derived Hazardous Waste Materials including coordination and oversight of hazardous waste loading/shipments to TSD facilities